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Pulse Pods | Pure


Luxury Feel Meets Luxury Sound

PULSE PODS™ PURE is ThePulseBeats flagship earphones, pairing warm rich audio with a premium look you can't find anywhere else. Crafted with genuine leather and durable polycarbonate materials means you can rest easy when it comes to daily use. The fine grained black leather outside paired with the smooth nickel plated inside is simply the cherry on top. Just pull them out of the case and they’re ready to use with any Bluetooth enabled device. After a simple one-tap setup, Pulse Pods work like magic. They’re automatically on and always connected. Pulse Pods can even sense when they’re in your ears and stop playing audio when you take them out. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, simply tap one pod and ask your voice assistant to make the move.


PULSE PODS™ PURE features an industry leading 5 hours of playback time, and a redesigned charging case with LED battery indicator.


If you forget to put your earbuds back in their case, a quick 20-minute charge will get you 90 minutes of playtime. The case is also Qi-enabled for seamless wireless charging from an optional ThePulseBeats charging pad.


Powered by our new powerful chipset. PULSE PODS™ PURE works to deliver a top tier audio experience, while out performing the industry leading competitors in terms of both quality and price of pods.


USB-C Charging Cable, Charging Case, six ear-tips & two out of this world Pods.


PULSE PODS™ PURE offers six flexible silicone tip sizes to match the comfort you desire. With an internal taper, they conform to the shape of your ear, securing your Pods in place and creating an exceptional seal for superior noise cancellation. Pure Pods deliver a magical wireless experience built for the future. High quality sound, sleek modern design, and affordable price. Order your Pure Pods today and receive them in an astonishing 3 days! When they arrive at your doorstep, you are presented with a premium unboxing experience that makes you feel like an executive in society. Be audacious and shop Pulse.



Order your Matte Black PULSE PODS™ PURE today and receive them in an astonishing 3 days! When they arrive to your doorstep, you are presented with a premium unboxing experience that makes you feel like an executive in society. Be audacious and shop Pulse.

All orders are guaranteed to receive tracking numbers either the same day if placed before noon on a weekday or the next weekday at most. Our average time is 6-8 hours for customers to receive a tracking number!

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Jacob W.
Good for the price

Overall these earbuds are good. I wear them while doing yard work and chores around the house. The noise isolation is good, better than when I wear earmuffs while mowing the lawn. The fit is very good, but start to slip out when you sweat, but that's seems true of other buds I've used. Battery life is above average as well. I haven't had them die on me yet and I usually work in about 4 hr blocks. The sound is about average, the bass doesn't hit as hard as some head phones I have, but again for buds, it's likely better than average. The build quality is superior. For this price point you'd expect something of a lower quality. I'd have given one more star but the touch button on the buds is too sensitive. Wiping sweat out of my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt pauses playback. I wish it had a button that needed a bit more to register a touch / push.

Nicole M.
Saved my ears!

I listen audiobooks nearly everyday, and these earphones from ThePulseAudio have saved my ears! I was previously wearing cheap earbuds we received as free swag from a fundraiser that would hurt after less than an hour and leave my ears sore. I wear them on the smallest fit, and I can wear them for even 4 hours without discomfort! I haven't tried longer because life doesn't allow me to listen to audiobooks for that long, but I would if I could :D The sound is great! Bass-y and immersive. They're noise isolation enough that I get drawn into my books easily and forget the world around me. It can be so difficult to focus on an audiobook, so good sound is a must! I've been able to get through dry nonfiction and history as easily as fiction with the help of quality sound. I love the touch controls. While I'm walking around the store, doing chores at home, or multitasking watching my kids while listening, I love how easy it is to pause the player with a quick touch. Battery life has been great so far. I'm still getting used to the wonderful technology that allows the case to charge the earbuds, love that! I've had these for two or so months. Another small-eared friend of mine has purchased these from my recommendation and also loves them. My husband just bought a pair too, likes them so far!

Cameron A.
Long battery life

These could easily compete with some of the higher prices brands. With that said, let's get into the review. The battery life advertised is up to 5 hours. I have never had any of mine die before that. Actually, to be totally honest, my pods last entire work days. Minus lunch. Without charging. That's 7.5 hours, for us 30 minute lunch breakers, lol. That's not to say that they'll always last longer than the expected life time. If I have my volume at max, they usually give me 5 hours and change. I don't keep up with the time too often, but I know that I get through my days without charging them.USB-C to charge. The touch feature is seamless. Even when I'm working out and sweaty. My old AirPods give me grief seldomly. But not these. At all. I'm no expert in audio by any means, but I love my music, and these give me a great isolated experience. And there is multiple earths to help with noise isolation as well. Sorry to everyone who tried to get my attention while I was zoned out with my Pure Pods! These are definitely worth every penny, and then some. Buy them!

Lisa S.
Get a pair!

I just received these little gems this week & couldn’t be happier!! The ones that came with my iPhone hurt my ears. Anyway, they were super easy to pair with my phone and the earbuds were already charged. The little case they come in is great too. It has magnets on each side where the earbuds go so they kind of get pulled into place. They also came with extra rubber parts that are actually different sizes (small medium large) I believe the mediums are already on them but a good fit for me. The sound quality is great and is not muffled. So far I really really like them and would recommend them, especially at that low price!! Go getchya a pair, you won’t regret it!!

Autumn F.
Beautiful Sound

These are really nice earphones. The music is loud and drowns out external noises. It’s a beautiful sound - great bass. I’m listening to soca and jumping all around my house and they’re not even budging. Snug fit. Though, not as solid a sound with only one earbud in. I switched to the size small earfins, but kept the medium eartips. My daughter is a dancer and has decided she wants them for when she’s practicing. Very good use case, so I couldn’t say no. I’ve gotten very used to only putting in the earbud when I’m on a call (if not listening to music). So with these Pure pods I have to always put them back in the case when I’m not actively using them (so they don’t get lost) which disconnects them from the phone. They do reconnect immediately. I would have to always keep the case with me. The sound for calls is a about the same as my Mpow Jaws Gen 5 which I really love. Sound notifications have a slight delay between both ears. I accidentally disconnected a couple calls while trying to answer, but besides that they work prefect for me and my daughter!