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Pulse Pods | Pure


Luxury Feel Meets Luxury Sound

PULSE PODS™ PURE is ThePulseBeats flagship earphones, pairing warm rich audio with a premium look you can't find anywhere else. Crafted with genuine leather and durable polycarbonate materials means you can rest easy when it comes to daily use. The fine grained black leather outside paired with the smooth nickel plated inside is simply the cherry on top. Just pull them out of the case and they’re ready to use with any Bluetooth enabled device. After a simple one-tap setup, Pulse Pods work like magic. They’re automatically on and always connected. Pulse Pods can even sense when they’re in your ears and stop playing audio when you take them out. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, simply tap one pod and ask your voice assistant to make the move.


PULSE PODS™ PURE features an industry leading 5 hours of playback time, and a redesigned charging case with LED battery indicator.


If you forget to put your earbuds back in their case, a quick 20-minute charge will get you 90 minutes of playtime. The case is also Qi-enabled for seamless wireless charging from an optional ThePulseBeats charging pad.


Powered by our new powerful chipset. PULSE PODS™ PURE works to deliver a top tier audio experience, while out performing the industry leading competitors in terms of both quality and price of pods.


USB-C Charging Cable, Charging Case, six ear-tips & two out of this world Pods.


PULSE PODS™ PURE offers six flexible silicone tip sizes to match the comfort you desire. With an internal taper, they conform to the shape of your ear, securing your Pods in place and creating an exceptional seal for superior noise cancellation. Pure Pods deliver a magical wireless experience built for the future. High quality sound, sleek modern design, and affordable price. Order your Pure Pods today and receive them in an astonishing 3 days! When they arrive at your doorstep, you are presented with a premium unboxing experience that makes you feel like an executive in society. Be audacious and shop Pulse.



Order your Matte Black PULSE PODS™ PURE today and receive them in an astonishing 3 days! When they arrive to your doorstep, you are presented with a premium unboxing experience that makes you feel like an executive in society. Be audacious and shop Pulse.

All orders are guaranteed to receive tracking numbers either the same day if placed before noon on a weekday or the next weekday at most. Our average time is 6-8 hours for customers to receive a tracking number!

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    Brady T.
    Dope pods!

    These earbuds are DOPE !!!! The leather case is very clean-looking! Way better than the lame iPods I had .....I'm a person that loves to hear the bass kicking in music, and the quality of these were amazing for the price. Battery life is 10/10 for me. I used them for a WHOLE WEEK straight every day for at least 5 hours before I had to charge the charging pod and then when I charged the pod it took about 3 hours to charge to 100% !!!

    Lauren M.
    perfect for small ears

    I have such small ears that it is hard for me to find earbuds that are comfortable. I have always had to go with the wireless earphones that were still connected by a cord behind your neck. These have the cushion that goes into the ear so it doesn't hurt and they stay put! I haven't used them while doing anything outside to see if there were any issues with hearing, but they do great in a tanning bed or working out! I charged them for about 30 minutes when I got them and haven't charged them since (over 2 weeks now) and they still have charge. Very happy and will probably be ordering another pair to keep at work!

    Erin K.
    Best fitting

    I've tried different earbuds and I find these the best fitting and comfortable, and the sound quality is great. These fit in the ear instead of just resting on like the Apple ones do. My ears don't have an edge to hold the resting type in place, so they were constantly falling off. Where these fit in the ear, they stay put. I connect them to my computer and phone, and if I'm listening to something on the computer and my phone rings, it mutes the computer and answers the phone call. And the price is great!

    Tyler S.
    United States United States
    Easy to sync

    The charging case is by far my favorite feature of these earphones. I take the earphones out and it syncs to my Note 9 within a couple of seconds. This is great when I am on the phone and want to quickly use one of the headphones as a headset. Putting it back in the case also immediately causes them to turn off and start charging. Now I don't have to worry about charging the earphones every single time I use them and only charge the case once in a while. The audio quality is pretty good as well. Music and voice have been very clear. I wouldn't say it has very heavy bass, but turning on dolby atmos sound definitely turned up the bass and the sound on my phone. The range is pretty great as well. I can probably get about 20+ feet away from my phone until it starts cutting in and out. Even when it cuts out it will immediately reconnect which is great. I have started using these as my primary headset when talking on the phone since the audio and microphone are so much clearer than my dedicated headset. The volume and fast forward/rewind buttons are a little harder to get used to. Fortunately I usually just use my phone's buttons for volume and skip forward/back so it doesn't really bother me. The other features definitely make up for it.

    Brandon R.
    United States United States
    Pulse Pods Pure

    This is my second pair of Pods from Pulse Beats. I loved my Pulse Pod v2 so much. That I decided to keep those just for work. Then I upgraded my next purchase to Pulse Pod Pure to use for every other occasion. They're great to use at the gym to block out the noise of the treadmill & other equipment being used. I also have a few vacations planned that involve traveling & I can't wait to block out the noises of the plane with these bad boys!! Definitely worthy every penny & pairs great with my Android phone.