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Pulse Shell | Noise Canceling Headphones

Pulse Shell- Superior Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Pulse SHELL Wireless Headphones feature our best in class improved hybrid noise cancelling technology that effectively reduces external noise by 96%. Our proprietary Hybrid ANC technology allows you to block the noise around you and focus on what matters, whether you are working from home, on your daily commute, at the office or even on a plane. The Shell Overhead Headphones feature two levels of Noise Cancellation and an Ambient Mode.


  • The SHELL Noise Cancelling Headphones feature an impressive 60 hours battery life with ANC OFF and up to 40 hours of non-stop listening with ANC ON. Forget about needing to charge your headphones every day and enjoy your music. In the case you need to recharge your headphones, just plug them for 10 minutes and enjoy of 2 hours of use with Noise Reduction turned ON. The 1200 mAh li-on battery can be fully recharged in less than 2 hours.


  • Enabled with Bluetooth 5.0, aptX HD and CVC Call Reduction Technology, the SHELL Over Ear Headphones have custom tuned 40 mm drivers, producing clear sound, for a wonderfully rich, well-rounded listening experience. SHELL feature low latency, and superior quality audio allowing to hear even the smallest details in the music and lag free media. SHELL are a great gift for music lovers and those.


  • The SHELL ANC Headphones feature CVC call noise reduction technology allow for superior quality, clear hands-free calls, making them great for working and studying from home. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 SHELL connect seamlessly with your devices and support connection up to 33 ft.


  • Weighing only 9.2 oz (263g) the SHELL Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are extremely lightweight and comfortable for all day use. The Aluminum Alloy body is flexible yet ultra-durable. The Soft and Comfortable Earpads are ergonomically designed and will provide the perfect fit. SHELL ANC Headphones feature a touch pad and easy to access buttons on the right earcup allowing you to easily toggle ON/OFF the ANC mode, control volume, summon the voice assistant.




Battery Size 1200 mAh
Battery Life 60H WITH ANC OFF / 40 HRS WITH ANC ON
Charging Type-C (cable included) 2 Hrs playtime with 10 mins charge
Weight 9.2 oz (263 g)
Audio Codec SBC
Drivers Size 40 mm
Other Features Noise Reduction Calling CvC
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    Jessie B.
    Have to purchase another pair

    They are very comfy and the noise canceling is awesome! Really nice fit and seems to be made of good materials. Overall great performance. Battery life is really good too. Kids stole them for remote school, so I will definitely have to purchase another pair!

    Margot H.
    United States United States

    These look great! Sound great! and cancel out the noise! I really like these, the sound is fantastic for the price. They are well made, These adjust to fit you really well. The noise cancelling works really great! These were found by my phone right away and paired right up. These come with an included charge cable. The sound is great, nice deep base, clear highs and mids. They sound great for their price, I am really enjoying them. They are very comfortable. The ear cups fit over my ears completely. The leather or leather like material is very soft. It's ever so comfortable, I fell asleep with these on. I'd highly recommend these, they look and sound great, seem to be very high quality, I love the noise cancellation feature, which works great once turned on, and the battery life is great. Could not be more pleased!

    Molly A.
    United States United States
    Excellent noise cancellation

    I was writing at my computer the night I got these and jumped when my husband tapped me on the shoulder. He had been calling for me from downstairs and I didn't hear ANYTHING. I was actually surprised how much sound it blocks out even when the noise cancellation feature is off. I like that by charging for just a few minutes I can get up to two hours of use. I'm terrible at remembering to charge them and so that's handy for me! Though so far, they haven't died on me yet. I like how lightweight these are. I actually have a much fancier pair of Marshall headphones but they are so dang heavy that I can't wear them for very long without getting a headache. These don't skimp on the ear comfort, just are much lighter all around. Two minor complaints that I didn't dock a star for because they don't matter to me: the range of sound isn't quite as impressive as our Beats or Marshalls... if you're an audiophile, that might matter. But these are also less than half the price... also, the storage bag that comes with it is almost laughably cheap and flimsy... I might swap it for something else at some point, because it's already falling apart. Overall, a great value for the price and I looooove how much sound they block out!

    Jessica M.
    United States United States
    Use them all the time!

    So far so good! This is just what I wanted. A great pair of headphones at a great price. It’s just been a few days, but they feel comfortable and I use them all the time...more often than I thought I would.I use them for audiobooks and they are perfect for that. I’m very happy with them

    Carson W.
    United States United States
    Very Pleased

    I was pleasantly surprised at how great these sound when listening to my pod device or phone music. These pair up very easily and give me the option of having the Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC) On or Off. No dropped signal, great range for the BT 5.0. Battery life is excellent, many hours (seller says 40 hours with ANC On) - more than I would use at one listening session. This has a 1200mAh Lithium ion (probably Li Polymer for weight savings) rechargeable battery, quite big for a headphone set! I liked the well padded, soft, over ear head phone cups that do good ambient noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and comfy. The controls are conveniently placed and let me take calls when paired to my phone with no difficulty. The included internal microphones do a good job sound quality wise for those I spoke to by phone. I was impressed overall with the attractiveness, value and feature set. The sound on these is excellent, so much better than ear buds! Even turned way down in volume the music stayed true with good crispness to the highs and mid range; the lows dropped a bit at very low volume which is not unexpected. Excellent sound with or without ANC! I Highly Recommend these 233621 Shell Noise Cancelling Headphones! Excellent value and full featured with quality sound!