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Our Story

We wanted to stir up the wireless pods industry. There needed to be a better experience than what other brands were offering, and that inspired us to take an audacious new approach.There are way too many brands running ads online and selling colored pods that are extremely cheap and lack the fundamentals of quality audio. Unfortunately, we got caught by a few and spent money on something that took an over a month to arrive, and was a total let down.

Unlike other brands, we believe in the self-starter, the early risers, and the executives of the world. That’s why we have spent a majority our of revenue on research and craftsmanship to create new designs and, most importantly, keep the product quality equal to or above big brands for the people who need tech that works with them. So, our team decided to create a brand that wasn't some "drop shipped" product from China and was something people could trust and enjoy before bringing them to market. We partnered up with expert audio engineers, leading manufactures to give rise to products you’ll love that will be delivered to your door within 3 days.


We hope you become part of the Pulse Family!